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Whether you have been in business for decades or you just opened your doors, there are insurance coverages that you should explore and consider as your business grows.  While not all of the many business insurance policies are required, you should be aware of them and understand when they are right for your business and how they can best protect you.

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Does my Business need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Florida Commercial Auto Insurance is similar to your personal auto policy in a few ways, however there are big differences in coverages, exclusions, definitions, limits and eligibility. Florida Commercial Auto Insurance is written and rated differently. It is also required for certain operations and specific vehicle types. Is your business transporting goods or people for a fee? Is your company using your vehicle to conduct a service? Do your employees operate a vehicle? If so, you may need a commercial vehicle policy.

What does Florida Commercial Auto Insurance cover?

Florida Commercial Auto Insurance provides some similar coverages as your personal policy. These coverages include liability, collision, comprehensive, medical and uninsured motorist. There are major differences when you get into the details of exclusions, definitions, limits and eligibility.

What Florida Commercial Auto Insurance coverages are available?

  • Bodily injury liability coverage covers bodily injury or death resulting from an accident where you are at fault.
  • Property damage liability coverage covers you if your commercial vehicle accidently damages another person’s property.
  • Combined single limit (also known as CSL) policy has the same dollar amount of coverage per covered occurrence whether bodily injury or property damage & one person or several.
  • Medical payments, no-fault & personal injury coverage can pay for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers in your commercial vehicle, regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage covers incidents where the at-fault driver has insufficient insurance or no insurance.
  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage protects you from damage to your commercial vehicle from theft, vandalism, flood, fire, etc.
  • Collision coverage protects you from damage to your commercial vehicle when it hits or is hit by another object.
  • In many cases you are provided with a legal defense with your coverage.

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Ensure that your personal and business assets are protected from unforeseen events while operating your business. Let Click & Save do all the homework for you.  We will find policies that provide the best and most affordable business insurance options in Florida for your unique business needs.